Building creative operations while unifying three companies under one brand


Taking the helm as Creative Director post-acquisition, I embarked on the transformation of a startup known as States Title, which had recently acquired North American Title Company and North American Title Insurance Company. My mission was twofold: to unite these diverse entities into a singular cohesive brand, Doma, while simultaneously establishing and expanding Creative Operations for the newly-formed organization.


  • Role: Senior Creative Director
  • Brand Identity Development 
  • Creative Operations Development
  • Visual Design Systems Implementation
  • Creative Leadership & Mentoring

The Doma Commercial showcasing the new visual brand identity

Project Challenge

Embarking on the journey of unifying three distinct companies – States Title, North American Title, and North American Title Insurance Co. – posed a significant challenge. 

The task at hand was to construct a cohesive brand identity that could seamlessly integrate the diverse elements and cultures of each entity. Navigating through this complex landscape, the goal was not just to create a new visual identity but to craft a unifying force that would resonate across all facets of the organization.

Building out Creative Operations added another layer to the challenge. Starting with a small team, the objective was to establish and expand creative processes rapidly. Over the course of a year, the design team grew from 2 to 7 members, each addition playing a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the creative ecosystem. This expansion aimed not only for quantity but for the seamless integration of new members into the team’s dynamic, ensuring a collaborative and effective creative force.

Project Approach

  1. Brand Transformation and Strategic Direction
    Leveraging the Latin meaning of “Doma” for home, the strategic direction focused on crafting a modern visual identity deeply connected with the home-buying process. A key decision was the incorporation of the Doma M shape, drawing inspiration from San Francisco’s painted ladies. This intentional design choice symbolized unity and community, echoing the company’s mission to streamline the home-closing process.

  2. Operational Scaling 
    Operational scaling was approached with a multi-faceted strategy. A dedicated project manager played a pivotal role in streamlining internal processes. External stakeholder collaboration was optimized through proactive education, ensuring a harmonious workflow. Visual design systems and templates were implemented to enhance efficiency, particularly for frequently executed projects. The emphasis on open communication established clear boundaries, prioritizing quality work and preventing burnout.

  3. Strategic Relationships and Inclusivity
    Recognizing the importance of strategic relationships, efforts were dedicated to building strong ties with newly acquired companies. A brand advisory board, incorporating key individuals from all three business units, provided a platform for inclusive input and feedback on the new brand. In support of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, Employee Resource Groups were empowered with unique logos inspired by the new Doma branding, fostering a sense of identity within the broader organizational framework.

Project Outcome

Brand Rollout and IPO Preparedness
The culmination of our efforts was marked by the successful rollout of the Doma brand across the entire organization. Beyond the captivating commercial aligning with rebranding objectives, we extended our impact by seamlessly rebranding all North American Title offices to Doma. As a significant milestone, our branding played a prominent role when the company went public, showcased on the Stock Exchange during the IPO. This not only marked a visual shift for the organization but also contributed to its public image and market positioning.

Creative Operations Excellence
A testament to the success of Creative Operations was our remarkable ability to produce nearly 600 unique design pieces per quarter through a team of five to six designers. The emphasis on efficiency and quality paid off, with the team consistently delivering high-quality content without succumbing to burnout. The continuous evolution of the creative team, marked by retrospectives and feedback sessions, ensured that not only were we meeting the demands of quantity but also maintaining the highest standards of creativity and innovation.

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