A small collection of branding projects I've worked on

Brewery Festival Branding

For this project, I created the overall branding and promotional materials for the Code 30 Foundations year Brewery Festival. This included logo design, event posters as well as event coasters that doubled for the event as well as a promotional piece that was left around town prior to the event. 

TripIt Motion Animation

As Head of Brand Design at TripIt, I found fun ways of adding motion and animation to our visual identity to add a bit more visual interest and make it feel a bit more dynamic. 

This work was featured on our website or often times in our email marketing. 


  • Motion design

Restaurant Brand Refresh

Jacks Prime, a beloved burger joint in San Mateo, needed a menu refresh that fit within its retro diner vibe. 

Work included redesigning they menu into a trifold layout, sourcing a printer and the appropriate materials to ensure for a durable, reusable menu, as well as rebranding additional promotional materials throughout the restaurant. 

Street Festival Branding

I was approached by the Downtown San Mateo Association to create new branding for their yearly street festival.  

Work included event branding, and print design for all of their promotional posters. 

More Projects

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