Elevating Educational Thought Leadership with a Brand Refresh


Catlin Tucker, a leading voice in the educational space advocating for blended learning, sought to revamp her online presence to better showcase her work and engage with her diverse audience.

As the lead web designer, I spearheaded the initiative to redesign Catlin’s website and refresh her brand, aiming to create a cohesive and polished image that accurately reflects her expertise and personality.


  • Role – Lead Web Designer
  • Brand Identity Refresh
  • Web Design
  • Website Project Management
  • Photography

Project Challenge

Early on, I knew this project was larger than just website redesign.

For this project to be successful, it required a brand refresh that showcased Catlin’s unique personality and positioned her as a leading voice in education.  

To accomplish this, I wanted to find a way to position her front and center on her website. Catlin has a big personality, and is passionate about her work. While her work is transformational, its her energetic and infectious personality that really helps to elevate her work in a crowded educational space. So I knew we would not only need to redesign her site, but also do a photoshoot that better captures her passion and personality. 

Additionally, Catlin’s previous website lacked a cohesive design and failed to effectively showcase her diverse offerings, including keynote speaking, workshops, online courses, and podcasts.

Project Approach

  1. Aligning Goals and Audience Priorities:
    Conducted discussions with Catlin Tucker to understand her business objectives and identify her primary audience segments, ensuring alignment between the website redesign and Catlin’s overarching strategy.

  2. Balancing Audience Needs:
    Based off of those discussions we were able to prioritize the needs of teachers, school administrators, and event planners, ensuring the redesigned website effectively addressed the needs of both groups without alienating either.

  3. Creating Authentic Visual Branding:
    Organized and conducted a photo shoot to capture authentic imagery of Catlin, integrating these visuals into the website design to enhance her personal brand and thought leadership presence.

  4. Established Updated Brand Identity:
    To ensure consistent branding across Catlin’s social media profiles and event materials, we established new brand guidelines and updated all of her marketing materials to help reinforce her as a leading voice in this space.

Project Outcome

The website redesign and brand refresh received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Catlin’s audience, with many noting the polished and professional appearance of the site. Catlin reported receiving praise from prospective clients who were impressed by the website during consultations. 

While it’s challenging to quantify the direct impact on Catlin’s business, the project provided her with increased flexibility in showcasing her work and allowed for a more cohesive branding strategy across various platforms and materials. 

Additionally, my hands-on involvement in the website design and photo shoot ensured a personalized and high-quality outcome that accurately represents Catlin’s expertise and personality.

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